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Physical Education Modification Request:

If your child will be out for a specific period of time due to illness or injury, we require a  doctor’s note.  Please download the form located on this page, have the physician fill out the appropriate information, and bring it back to school. 

Physical Education Locker

P.E. Loaners

Loaner PE uniform

Loaners are PE clothing provided to students who do not purchase or fail to bring PE uniforms to class. It is recommended; however, that you have and maintain your own PE uniform.

School Olympics

Every year DJAMS has its’ own Olympics. The Olympics give all students the opportunity to compete in a variety of events including:

  • Hurdles
  • 100 meter
  • Mile
  • Shot put
  • High jump
  • Four person relay
  • long jump (New this year, 2011)

The top athletes from Don Juan Avila go on to compete against other area schools at Aliso Niguel High School.

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot happens every year and is a run between the school hours. This run takes place just before Thanksgiving break. In order to run in this even you must have a parent sign a permission slip. You must also have a small donation to the P.E department. After the run you can sit on the lunch tables, drink Gatorade® and talk with friends. The person with the fastest time (Boys and Girls) get a piece of pumpkin pie , And the person with the overall fastest time gets a turkey feast for their family to enjoy. There is also a raffle where you can enter for a free 20 minute heart-rate hook-up, gift cards to many places, and many more cool item.

Mrs. McDermott Teacher
Mr. Nahl Teacher

8th Grade Physical Education

Mrs. McDermott
Mrs. McDermott

8th Grade Physical Education Overview

heart reate monitor  

Daily Quality Physical Education – We want you to be active, understand all your options and be lifelong physical movers!  We hope to create a physically educated person. We want you to learn 1) What is fitness? 2) How do you get fit?  And 3) How do you maintain fitness? All students will learn to hook up to heart rate monitors to see the effects of movement on their heart.  All students will know what different zones feel like- high cardio, low cardio and of course YOUR TARGET ZONE!

State of California says that 8th graders will implement their skill based knowledge and participate in team sports as they get closer to high school.  Continuing the lifelong pledge for our students to be prepared for the outside world once they leave our school, students demonstrate competency in our fitness center and can create their own fitness plan for themselves and others.  Using offensive and defensive strategies, students will also understand the difference in scoring systems and how to implement then for success by all.  Team sports include:  basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, flag football, track and field.

PE uniform

All students are required to PE clothing. Uniforms can be purchased during registration and during the first few weeks of school. Although prices are subject to change, prices are as follows:

Shorts = $12.00

Shirts = $12.00

Sweatshirts = $35.00

Mr. Nahl
Mr. Nahl
Mr. Nett
Mr. Nett