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Independent Study Contracts

How do I get an Independent Study Contract (ISC) for my Student?

2 weeks prior to student's departure from school.


  1. Parent must contact Mrs. Repko in the attendance office 2 weeks prior to the first day of the ISC.
  2. Parent must provide Mrs. Repko her with the date of departure and expected date of return.
  3. Mrs. Repko uses the information to create the Independent Student Contract.
  4. Mrs. Repko sends a call slip to the student to come up and sign the ISC.
  5. The parent is notified that the contract is ready.
  6. The parent must come to the school to sign the ISC. (The contract never leaves the school.)
  7. Mrs. Repko makes a copy of the ISC for each teacher.
  8. Mrs. Repko provides a copy of the contract to each of the child's teachers.
  9. Each teacher must complete the contract. The teacher compiles the assignments, signs the contract, and returns it to Mrs. Repko by the ISC due date.
  10. Mrs. Repko notifies parent and student that ISC is ready to be collected.
  11. The completed ISC are returned to Mrs. Repko.
  12. When the student returns he/she gives the work to Mrs.Repko,  NOT the teacher. 
  13. Mrs. Repko gets them ready for the teacher to review, stamps the documents, and sends each contract to respective teacher for review and grading. The contract is dated and stamped.
  14. The teacher reviews, grades, and completes the  stamp.
  15. Teachers keep the completed assignments and work for their records. The ISC is returned to Mrs. Repko.
  16. Mrs. Repko retains a copy of all paperwork for school records.


Mrs. Repko

Mrs. Repko

Kellee Repko Office Staff, Attendance