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PBIS Matrix

DJAMS School-wide Positive Behavior Matrix





  * Use appropriate language & actions.

  * Show courtesy to others at all times.

  * Keep your h&s & feet to yourself.

  * Respect personal & school property.

  * Accept responsibility for your actions.

  * Follow all Dress Code guidelines.

  * Keep our school clean.

  * Make positive choices.

  * Have a hall pass at all times when out of class.

  * Follow directions. 

  * Leave gum at home.

  * Keep cell phones off & put away at all times (gate to gate).

  * Carry school ID with you always.

  * Have a positive attitude.



  * Follow all crossing guards’ directions.

  * Use stairways & approved walkways.

  * Safely & quickly exit the vehicle to allow for traffic flow.

  * Allow others space to pass on sidewalks in the front of the school.

  * Exit your vehicle on the sidewalk side.

  * Wear your bike helmet.

  * Walk your bike on campus & lock it up at the bike rack.

  * Use crosswalks & avoid crossing through traffic.

  * Be alert to traffic.

  * When dropped off, enter campus immediately.

  * Report to the Attendance Office when arriving late.

  * At dismissal, exit campus orderly & quickly.


  * Allow all students to learn.

  * Follow teachers’ instructions.

  * Listen attentively.

  * Raise your h& to participate.

  * Use care with technology & equipment.

  * Fill in your agenda & complete  Bellwork.

  * Stay focused & on task.

  * Follow safety guidelines.

  * Complete all classwork & homework.

  * Arrive to class with all materials. 

  * Be in your seat when the bell rings.

  * Participate & show maximum effort.

  * Wait to be dismissed by your teacher.

Lunch Area


 * Wait in lunch lines patiently.

 * Stay within red line boundaries. 

 * Sit only in appropriate areas of the planters.

 * Throw your trash away.

 * Wait in Bronco Buck Store lines patiently & be kind to workers.

 * Walk from class to lunch line/lunch area.

 * Keep backpacks & belongings with you at all times.

 * Keep tables & umbrellas in their original locations.

  *  Wait in lines for lunch activities.

 * Know your lunch order before arriving at the window.

 * Have your lunch money ready in line.

 * Use restroom & drinking fountains during break/lunch.

 * Finish your lunch before class starts.


Blacktop Fields

 * Walk quietly past classrooms in session.

 * Walk around grass areas & stay on the walkway.

 * Use good sportsmanship & allow others to participate

 * Support & encourage peers to do their best.

 * Walk on designated walkways & stay to the right side.

 * Watch where you are walking & be aware of others around you.

 * Wait in lines for basketball courts.

 * Return all equipment on time.

 * Be on time & aware of schedule & get to class on time.

 * Stay within field boundaries (20 ft. away from fence).

 * Keep food & drinks off fields.

 * During break & lunch keep backpacks against the fence away from courts & gate entrances.



Locker Room

 * Use bathroom facilities appropriately.

 * Allow others personal space to wash their h&s.

 * Be considerate of others while getting in & out of your locker.

 * Allow others personal space while dressing out.

 * Keep bathroom clean.

 * Go, Flush, Wash, Leave!

 * Keep lockers clean & organized.

 * Leave valuable items locked in outside lockers or at home.

 * Lock up all your belongings.

 * Only one person per stall.

 * Be prepared with materials for next class.

 * Know your locker combination & keep it to yourself.

 * Protect locker contents on rainy days.

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