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Behavior Standards

Don Juan Avila Middle School has established high standards for our students, both academically and behaviorally.  In order to attain these standards, students are expected to show respect toward one another and all adults.  This will help us maintain a safe and positive learning environment.  The following standards are intended to encourage all students to behave in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, their parents, and Don Juan Avila Middle School.

Student Expectations & Discipline

Discipline directions

School Discipline Plan

Don Juan Avila Middle School is committed to providing a safe and orderly setting in which students feel free to enjoy a positive academic and social environment.  Students who comply with basic discipline guidelines and work diligently on academics will reap the rewards of a variety of positive consequences.  Recognition will come to these students in the form of grades,  citizenship marks, positive feelings about school, positive feelings about achievements, honor roll, Student of the Quarter Awards, dances, assemblies, sports, and field trips.

Students who do not adhere to basic rules and guidelines will be assigned Discipline Points for each violation. 

Students who earn 5 or more discipline points will not be permitted to participate in extra or special school activities.  In order to regain eligibility for activities, points may be worked off at the rate of 1 point for each one hour of after-school work with the assistant principal.  Eligibility must be earned at least one week prior to any activity.  Although the discipline record does follow the student, the points do not carry over from year to year with regards to eligibility for school activities.


Expected Behaviors and Standards


I.  Attendance Policies


Students must report to class on time and regularly attend school


Tardies to Class (per quarter)


4th tardy:

Office Referral + 1 hour detention

5th tardy:

2 hours detention

6th tardy:

1 day CSI



Tardies to School (per quarter)


3rd tardy:

Warning +discipline entry log

4th tardy:

1 hour detention + parent notification

5th tardy:

2 hours detention + parent notification

6th tardy

1 day CSI + parent notification

7th tardy:

Saturday School

Truancy From Class (per quarter)


1st truancy:

1 hour detention + parent notification

2nd truancy:

2 hour detention + parent notification

3rd truancy:

CSI, attendance contract

Truancy From School (per year)


1st truancy:

1 day CSI + parent notification, possible SARB notice

2nd truancy:

2 days CSI + parent notification, possible SARB notice

3rd truancy:

3 days CSI + parent conference + SARB notice + severe clause, attendance contract



II.  State Rules and Regulations

Don Juan Avila Middle School students are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner.  No student may:


1.   Be under the influence, in possession, sell or distribute, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or any controlled substance at school or at school activities.

First Offense – Immediate 5 day suspension; notification of law enforcement and recommendation for district expulsion;  possible school transfer or extended suspension pending expulsion proceedings.

2.   Carry weapons, firearms, knives, or any other dangerous objects at school or at school sponsored activities.

First Offense – Immediate 5 day suspension; notification of law enforcement and recommendation for district expulsion; possible school transfer or extended suspension pending expulsion proceedings.

3.   Damage, deface or steal school or private property; knowingly possess stolen property.

Suspension, restitution, possible arrest; and/or severe clause.

4.   Injure or threaten another person.

Suspension, possible arrest, and/or severe clause.

5.   Commit an obscene act or use profanity/vulgarity.

Detention, possible suspension, and/or severe clause.

6.   Disrupt or defy the authority of school personnel

Detention, possible suspension, and/or severe clause.

7.   Engage in harassment (including sexual, racial, verbal, soliciting for money).

Detention, suspension, severe clause and/or notification of Title IX officer



III.  School Policies


1.   Students will follow the directions of teachers and staff promptly

Detention, suspension, severe clause.

2.   Students will refrain from use, possession or sale of tobacco.

Suspension, possible arrest.

3.   Students will not be in possession of a laser pointer.

Suspension, possible arrest.

4.   Students will refrain from participation in or encouragement of any physical altercation (Fights).

Detention, suspension, severe clause.

5.   Students will not cheat on school work.

“F” or “0” on exam or assignment, parent notification (teacher), administrator notification, possible suspension.

6.   Students will not commit forgery.

Detention, suspension and/or parent notification.

7.   Students will follow the school dress code.

Citation, Change of clothes, detention, suspension, dress code contract

8.   Students will not possess electronic devices at school with the exception of calculators for math classes or specific instruments approved by administrative staff.

Confiscation (return to parents only), clean-up, detention

9.  Cell phones must be turned off and put away at all times while on campus.

Confiscated, detentions, parent pick up

10.       Students will not chew gum at school.

Clean-up, detention

11.       Students will not spit

Warning, clean-up, detention, parent notification

12.       Students will not ride bikes, skateboards, roller blades, razors, or any other vehicle on campus.

Warning, suspension of privilege, confiscation of item, parent notification

13.       Students will bring needed books and materials to class.

Warning, clean-up, detention, parent notification

14.       Students will eat in designated areas only and dispose of litter properly.

Clean-up, detention

15.       Students will refrain from throwing any objects at school.

Clean-up, detention, possible suspension or severe clause

16.       Students will obey all bus rules and regulations.

Detention, suspension of privilege, suspension

17.       Students will bring a note from home after an absence or have parent call during the absence.

Remain unexcused until cleared, detention

18.       Students will behave in an appropriate and safe manner at all times.  There will be no inappropriate public displays of affection (kissing, hugging or inappropriate touching)

Warning, detention, suspension or severe clause

19.       Students will refrain from selling food or merchandise not sponsored by Don Juan Avila Middle School

Confiscation, detention


Discipline Guideline / Examples:

Clean-up: Students will pick up litter, scrape gum, wash off pencil/ink marks, wash windows, sweep floors or walkways, etc.

Detention:Teacher and office detention assignments are made in writing with a copy going home in advance for parent notification and signature.

Class Suspension: Students will be removed from class for the period indicated.

In-House Suspension: Students may be placed in the Center for Special Instruction (CSI) as an alternative to home suspension.

Suspension: Student is excluded from school and school activities for the duration of the suspension. 

Severe Clause: Behavioral contract, parent conference, parent escort to class, in-house suspension, suspension, reduced class schedule, involuntary transfer, and/or expulsion may be applied by administrators.

Note:  Students with more than 5 office referrals will be subject to suspension and/or severe clause for continually defying the authority of school officials and disrupting school activities.

General Student Expectations

Respect, Responsibility, & Readiness

1. Students will obey teachers, and respect others and their school.

2. Students will be regular and punctual in attendance.

3. Students will be prepared for class with appropriate materials, including pencils, paper, and textbooks.

4. Students will act appropriately at all times and comply with all discipline standards set forth by the school and the school district

5. Students will refrain from acts, which interfere with the smooth operation of the school.

6. Students will refrain from any harassment activity.

7. Students will respect the property of others and the school.

PBIS Matrix



Students are expected to arrive to school on time and arrive to all of their classes on time.  Failure to do this hinders the instructional objectives of the teacher and interrupts the learning process.  The following procedures will apply to unexcused tardies on a quarterly basis.

1st Tardy  – Warning: Student teacher conference

2nd Tardy – Teacher assigned consequence: Parent notification by teacher (Detention)

3rd Tardy – Teacher assigned consequence: Parent notification by teacher (Detention or Unsatisfactory citizenship            grade)

4or more Tardies – OfficeReferral to Assistant Principal (Detention(s), In-House Suspension, Attendance Contract, Saturday School, At Home Suspension, and/or parent contact)


Campus Rules

1. Students may not leave campus once they have arrived at school.  Parents must check students out at the reception desk.  Visitors must always check in at the office.

2. Middle school students are to report to, and remain on, the middle school side of the campus.  They must remain in the marked areas until school starts.  They may not “visit” the elementary side of the campus at any time.

3. Food may be eaten in the lunch areas only.  This includes food that is eaten before school and at break.

4. Students may not sit on tables or desks.

5. Activities that are physically dangerous are prohibited.  This includes pushing, horseplay, or “play fighting”.

6. Athletic equipment use is confined to Physical Education areas only.  Basketballs may only be bounced on the basketball blacktop.  No personal athletic equipment is to be brought to school.

7. Balloons, water pistols, dolls, permanent markers, cards, and other toys are not allowed at school.

8. Students are not to be in possession of devices that are capable of shooting objects.  These include, but are not limited to, hollowed-out pens, rubber bands and staples.  Shooting or throwing of any projectile is forbidden.

9. Students are expected to line up single-file when appropriate.  This includes food lines, bus lines, fire drill lines, or line-ups for any activity.

10. Students may not take cuts in any line.

11. Backpacks may not have any writing, drawings, or designs on them.