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Middle School Art Standards


6th Grade Elective Wheel

Paint pallet

This nine-week course introduces a variety of media techniques. These include drawing, painting, lettering, two and three-dimensional design, and a number of hands-on experiences. As students become acquainted with the elements and principles of art, they gain understanding and appreciation of art from various cultures as well as famous historic art figures.

Semester Art Class (7th and 8th)


This is a basic exploratory course in the fundamentals of art, with experiences in drawing, painting, lettering, graphics, printmaking, collage, and art history. While acquiring new skills, each student develops a heightened awareness of his/her aesthetic abilities relating today's world and cultures of the past. Students can earn the honor of having their artwork entered into art shows.

8th Grade Advanced Art Class - Yearlong

Michelangelo s David

Students will use the mediums of pencil, paint, oil pastel, pen and ink, printing, pastel, paper mache and wire sculpture, and batik. Students will increase their understanding of art terminology and skills while developing creative expression. Each project will have an art history of cultural perspective. Students will participate in projects that require group involvement. They can earn the honor of having their artwork entered into art shows and participate in other enrichment activities. Special effort is made to help each student to understand the value of his or her experience and develop an awareness of his or her aesthetic abilities. Prior art experience is necessary.

Mrs. Rambo
Mrs. Rambo