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This week, Mrs. Mannina’s class had a competition to see who’s Barbie doll could bungee farthest down a ladder without touching the ground.   

Each period, the table groups would use functions and other math skills to calculate how many rubber bands they needed to prevent their Barbie from touching the ground in a bungee jumping simulation.  

Makenna Jackson’s group had Ken.  They bungee jumped him with 11 rubber bands tied together.  With high hopes, her group failed by the skin of their teeth.  

In fifth period only one group succeeded out of five groups.  Kareem Elgamil, Charlotte Loewy, and Natalie Bills came out on top.  With their correct equations and some simple logic, they were able to keep their barbie alive.  The other groups almost prevented their Barbie from hitting the ground, but one group out of five did not damage their barbie.

Overall, this activity was a great way for the students in Mrs. Mannina’s Algebra students to show their knowledge and understanding, while also having a little bit of fun.

bungee jump


It’s never too late to get organized. 2019 is the perfect time for a fresh start. We’ve made a list to help get you organized and into good habits. A great first step to being organized is to create a to do list or calendar.

  • Outfits (plan them the night before)

  • Remember to take breaks

  • Go to bed on time

  • Always use your agenda.

  • Neatness

  • Always keep items in a specific place.

  • Aim for excellence

  • Take your time to do your best

  • Imagine the best possibilities

  • No more procrastinating!!

  • Clean out your backpack and room frequently (some techniques are color coordinating and alphabetizing)

  • Pack the stuff you need a day in advance to reduce forgetting items.

We’ve also asked a few students what they do to stay organized.  We asked Sevilla Hanstel-Kitz (6th), what she does to stay organized, she said, “ I put small things into my backpack’s small pockets.” Her goal for the school year is to have good grades and to stay in honor roll.

Logan Nguyen (7th) replied, “Before I get home I put my homework neatly into my  backpack."

student holding whiteboard 

During 7th and 8th grade lunch we asked students what they want to do to stay organized. Shanna brown (8th grade) said,” I really want to put my papers into my binder so they don’t get all crumpled and ripped at the bottom of my backpack”. Procrastinating is very common in middle and high schoolers. To procrastinate is to hold back the date of finishing an assignment. Sophia Herrera told us,” I always procrastinate and I don’t do my very best on the final test or project.” This is always something you can work on and can be fixed! Make sure you always try your best to get things done and you will succeed in school!

Sophia holding whiteboard

Strive for efficiency :)



It’s that time of year again! The holiday lights go up and the spooky decorations come down. Santa’s little elves are near and working hard for the little girls and boys’ surprises on Christmas morning. Letters flood into the workshop of what they want for the holidays. Speaking of wish lists, what do Broncos want for the holidays?


We asked Kendall Hwang (6) what she wanted for the holidays and she said she is requesting books for the holidays. What a great bronco!


We went up to Nile Young (6) and asked him what he wants for Christmas, and he responded, “ I want an iPhone XR!” 

We asked Sydney Kubik (7) what she wants for the holidays. She says she wants a camera to take pictures of the beautiful sights she wants to go see.


We asked the question of what you want for Christmas to Enoch Kim (8), and he said, “ I want to get Fortnite Battle Royal.”


We asked Chloe Knebel what she wants for the Christmas holiday. She said she wants an iPhone X.  


We have found out that our broncos want some very interesting and fun things for the Winter Holiday!

Halloween Polls
Halloween Polls Image

DJAMS kicked out drugs during the annual Red Ribbon Week celebration with fun-filled lunch time activities and meaningful assemblies. Red ribbon week is a very significant fun-filled week that teaches students to say no to drugs. At the age of 11-17 teens are peer pressured to do drugs to become “cool,” or develop a drug and alcohol addiction. Many think that prescription drug overdose is better for you, but it is actually the same amount of harm to your body. Many also think that e-cigs are better for you than cigarettes. Thousands of teens die each year from drug overdose, alcohol, and e cigarettes.  

Ms. Salter, Mrs. Anderson, and the PAL committee, put together an assembly for all grades, about how drugs can impact a person life. Mrs. Anderson presented an emotional slide show to the 8th graders of her mother who’s life was taken by an intoxicated driver. The seventh graders were shown a presentation on how to avoid drugs and what the harmful ingredient in drugs and alcohol. They also included the side effects and consequences of alcohol and drugs.

We interviewed a few students on they’re favorite dress up day and their opinion on drugs. Danna Blanco replied,”Drugs are not good for you and are a big waste of time.” Lauren sherlock agrees, saying, “Drugs are bad and you shouldn’t to them because they will affect you through the rest of your life.” Malia Nalik’s favorite dress up day is “cozy day.”

One of the great lunch activities were the soap toss: Don't let drugs slip into your hands. PAL did a great job at decorating the school with informational facts on posters, and putting red ribbons all over the school. Some of the facts were about how many of millions teens have died from drug and alcohol overdose from 2012 to now. The collective impact of the week is always profound and positive for the school and students. 



“Awareness is pink” (Sienna Harrison 6)

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. As a society we dedicate one month out of the year to learn more about what breast cancer is, and how we can help.  

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is a type of Cancer that develops in women's breasts.

“Breast cancer is a disease in breasts, it involves in breasts getting removed” (Alexandra Coronado 8th). It can be extremely dangerous because the Cancer cells can spread or other organs in a woman's body when the cells replicate and the tumors grow. “Very serious thing” (Ivy Roh 6th).  Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of death in women, and the second most common cancer among both genders. “Breast cancer can kill you and harm you” (Piper Chastain 6th). One in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime which is a very high risk among women. Men have a small amount of breast tissue, meaning they can develop breast cancer, but only one in 1000 are diagnosed with the disease.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation, or NBCF, was established in 1991 by a breast cancer survivor, Janelle Hail.  She found out she had breast cancer at the age of 34 in 1980. When she was diagnosed there was little information about the Cancer and when she was cured, she was determined to help.

What Can You Do to Help?

Spread awareness about how to help! Do this by wearing pink in October, and participate in showing support for the disease and those who have it. Learn about the disease by researching online increasing your understanding.  Donating to breast cancer charities like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Here are some other ideas from some DJAMS Broncos:

“Donating spare money to breast cancer charities” (Eli Gunn 7th)

“Make posters” (Sam B 6th)

“Spread awareness by donating, or dressing up” (Alexandra Coronado 8th).




From September 17th to the 20th, DJAMS sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students battled each other during the flag football tournament. Mr Nahl set up the tournament with the help of the Ohana Club. It was 

Some of the students that made it to the finals, in 6th grade, were Nathan Jackson, Koah Nalick, Garrett Mcilroy, Nick Andrews, and Andrew Watson. The team they played consisted of Gunner Randolph, Gavin Sprindonoff, Luke Anderson, Hutson Schilling, Jack Bisachia, Conner Ethire, and Gio and Zion. After an intense game, the second team were came out on top.

Next, the 7th grade blue team included, Quinn Pixley, Chase Wesphfall, Sebastian, Gavin Nobles, and Jason Ventura. Against, Noah, Garrett , Alex Newcomb, and Sean Skeens. After a good game the final winner was Quinn Pixley’s team. The finalists of the seventh grade girls went against the finalists of the eighth grade girls, the 8th grade beat seventh grade 6-0.

Mady Smith told us that, “I am very proud and happy to have won with my teammates. As well as Eden Wallin, “ I am very excited to play against AVMS!” After interviewing Gunner Rudolph, we asked him, how did he feel after winning and what could be have improved for the next time, he replied, ”I feel cool after winning, and we could have done better defence and communication.”  After interviewing Nathan we also asked him the same questions and he replied, “I feel sad about losing, we could have had a better defence and more communication with each other.” We later asked Garrett, from the 7th grade second place team, “ I accept my team losing, we for sure lost by lack of communication, to win we could have done a lot more short passes.”

Each team did a superb job working together and had fun competing against each other in a friendly, yet competitive manner.  

While we know school takes precedent when August rolls around, that doesn't mean that all of our after school activities stop. From soccer and football, to dance and video games, we sure do a lot on top of the many hours we put in at school. We went around the campus and asked students (and a teacher) what they do after school to get an idea of what all of the diverse activities Broncos do. Let’s see what they said.

Christian Klenske (6): “After school, I have to do homework from all my classes.”


Derek Devaney (7): “I like to do taekwondo and soccer after school.”


Camille Lorenz (8): “After school, I eat and do dance class.”


Kasey Miller,  Abbi Messerschmidt, & Lindsey Hubbard (6): “After school, we like to play soccer, read,  and play softball.”



Mr. Backal (teacher): “After school I go home and practice my guitar.”


Looks like everyone has some fun and busy plans for their time after leaving Bronco Way! Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions! Hope you all have fun after school, just make sure to do your homework first!

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