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Mrs. Simmons Electives Department Chair, Drama


Drama 6th Grade Elective Wheel

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Drama Introduction:

In this nine-week course, students will learn basic acting skills, develop theater terminology, receive an introduction to theater history, and become familiar with basic stage areas. In addition, students will learn basic elements of a skit/scene and a play. Students will perform individually and in a group setting throughout the course.

Semester Drama Class 7th/8th Grade

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Drama (semester)

This class will focus on the craft and art of acting. Through this "workshop" style class, students will learn through performing partnered scenes, ensemble exercises, and present a monologue at the end of the semester. Students will learn to analyze acting through observation and how to critiques peers and other performances. Students will also study the history of theater, basic acting skills, theater terminology, improvisation, scene work, and reader’s theatre.

Yearlong Advanced Drama 7th/8th Grade Class

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Drama (7th Grade) (Year-long)

This class is for dedicated drama students who are serious about learning the dynamics of performance. Students will only be enrolled in this class by audition with the teacher. Performance participation will constitute a large component of the course grade. Students will study all aspects of theatre including, but not limited to, acting, technical theatre skills, stagecraft, stage management, script writing, dance, vocals, characterization, and pre/post production planning. Critiques of movies and plays will be included, in addition to instruction in critiquing of oneself and one’s peers. Students will perform scenes, improvisation, and skits, as well as participate in at least one full-length play or musical evening performance. Students are required to attend after school rehearsals prior to evening performances.

Mrs. Simmons
Mrs. Simmons