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Progress Reports

What is a PROGRESS Report?

  1. The progress reports do not go on a student’s permanent record. 
  2. The purpose of the progress report is to:
    • communicate if a student is struggling in a class in some way
    • to inform the parents

When does a teacher issue a Mid Quarter Progress Report

  • Students receiving D or F
  • Student will also receive either an N or U for work habits or citizenship and will receive 2 comments.
  • Work Habits and/or Citizenship Codes
    • N = Needs Improvement
    • U = Unsatisfactory.
  • Teachers may issue up to 3 comments per student.
  • Students with behavioral issues may also receive an NM for a grade
    • with an N or U for citizenship or work habits with comments.
  • Progress reports may be issued to A/B students with a C at mid-quarter.
  • Progress reports may be issued to a C students at risk of dropping to a D or F.

What do the comments mean?

Comments provide parents with information regarding behavior, engagement, and/or concerns that a teacher observes and/or experiences in class.


Positive Behavior

A.   Innovative and creative                                 

B.   Assignments reflect best efforts                    

C.    Consistently respectful & responsible            

D.   Is a pleasure to have in class                          

E.    Is a role model amongst peers                      

F.    Genuine interest in learning                           

G.   Showing improvement          

Areas of Concern                        

H.   Trying but having difficulty                          

I.     Inappropriate use of electronic device           

J.     Improper use of class time                            

K.    Unprepared for class                                      

L.    Working below potential                               

M.   Low homework grades                                       

N.   Low test scores

O.   Low project scores

P.    Late, incomplete, missing work

Q.   Frequently tardy

R.   Absence affecting achievement

S.    Truancy affecting achievement

T.    Fails to make up work when absent

U.   Pattern of disruptive behavior affecting

V.   Non-suits, improper PE

W.  More participation

X.    May fail class

Y.    Parent conference recommended

Z.    Per IEP graded with modified standards