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Types of Writing: EDNA

Writing Terminology


Sentence - A group of words expressing a complete thought.

Paragraph - A group of sentences including: topic sentence, detailed sentences supporting the topic sentence, and concluding sentence.

TS (Topic Sentence) - The first sentence in a body paragraph. It tells the reader what the paragraph is going to be about.

CD (Concrete Details) - Things from the story, the "what", facts, examples, evidence, quotations, paraphrases, support, what really happened in the story?, as if a play-by-play announcer.

CM (Commentary) - Things from your head, the "so what?" or the "why?" analysis, interpretation, a character's feelings, opinion, inference, insight, reasons, as if a color commentator.

CA (Counter Argument) - A statement that disproves the argument in persuasion.

CS (Concluding Sentence) - The last sentence in a paragraph. this sentence reminds the reader of the topic of the paragraph.

Essay - The word essay means to try. It has a single main idea or thesis, it details are linked together into an effective composition.

Thesis - A sentence with a subject and opinion. In an essay, this comes somewhere in your introductory paragraph, most often at the end.

Body Paragraph - Paragraphs that support the thesis in an essay.

Conclusion - The last paragraph in an essay--sums up ideas, reflects on what was written in the essay, or makes predictions.

Prewriting - Getting ideas down on paper before you organize essay into paragraphs.