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What are transitions?

Transitions are the signals a good writer uses to show the order in which things happened and the relationship of ideas. Transitional words help the reader move from idea to idea by stating or implying the connection between ideas. They keep the reader focused on the order of events or thoughts.

Words That Show Similar Ideas & Compare
again for instance likewise
also further moreover
and furthermore next
another in a like manner of course
as well as in addition resembling
besides in the same way similarly
for example last too
Words That Show Contradiction & Contrast
after all even though on the other hand
although however otherwise
as if in spite of provided that
but instead still
conversely nevertheless yet
even if on the contrary  
Words That Show Time & Sequence
after during meanwhile
afterward earlier next
around eventually presently
at once finally simultaneously
at the present time henceforth Thereafter
before last thereupon
beyond later while
Words That Show Cause, Purpose, or Result
accordingly invariably since
and so most importantly so
as obviously then
as a result precisely therefore
indeed specifically thus
Words That Emphasize
certainly invariable surely
definitely most importantly to be sure
for certain obviously truly
in fact precisely undoubtedly
indeed specifically without a doubt

Pun cartoon

Words that Summarize
consequently in closing to sum up
finally in conclusion ultimately